Advanced Services

Whilst enhance Lite can cater for a wide range of peoples requriements, it can’t cater for everyones and for more complex, bespoke solutions, we get our the main business, to look after them. Since its inception has been at the forefront of developing trends in the internet applications arena, recognising the need for synergy between concept, design, development, launch and post launch activities while tying these in with internal and external requirements.

At don’t just build websites; we also help to drive new business to your site. Since 1998 we have been offering our clients a range of post launch site optimisation and search engine marketing services, all geared towards increasing the number of targeted visitors to your site. Our services have expanded over the years and you can now find a range of services within the areas of Mobile, Social Media, Online Strategy and Measurement


A small selection of Clients include: - Irelands largest Independant Insurance Broker - Irish Multinational multiple site management - Ecommerce web site - Ecommerce auction web site - Inventory Management Business


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