Optional Extras

Want More?

If any of our packages are not quite right for you, simply choose the one which suits best and add any of the items below to it, or all of them, you decide!!

Optional Extras


Content related
Video Player Integration from €90
YouTube Video Integration from €60
RSS Displayer from €70
Flash Banners from €250
Static Banners from €50
Simple Survey Form from €90
External Form from €90
Contact Form (up to 5 fields) from €70
Other Forms (up to 10 fields) from €110
SEO and Other Elements
Google Analytics from €90
Custom Bookmark Icon (Favicon) from €90
Sitemap from €70
Google Sitemap File from €70
Social Media
Social Media Icons from €70
Set up Facebook page €99
Set up Linkedin page €99
Set up YouTube Channel from €200
Advanced Features
Calendar from €250
Image Gallery from €250
Forum from €450
Blog from €450
Newsletter feature from €360
Search Facility from €200
Mailing List from €400
Logo Design from €250
Hosting etc.
Domain Name .com - annual €25
Domain Name .ie - annual €40
Hosting - annual from €120

* Please note some features may not be available on all packages, please check with us

* All prices in Euro and exclusive of VAT @ 23%